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History of A&A Machine & Fabrication


A&A was founded in 1957 by Mr. Emmanuel J. Chionsini (deceased) and Mr. Fred D. Heinemann. In 1962, Charles Hutchins joined the company. It has been A&A's Philosophy since day one to remain "Always Available". It's a philosophy and a reality that has held true over the years.


A&A is a full service fabrication and machining facility offering repair, maintenance and new manufacturing services in LaMarque, TX.


Our stability and strength have enabled us to grow over four decades from one lathe to over 170 different pieces of fabrication, machining and special purpose equipment within a 82,000 square feet facility. However, square footage and machine-count tell only part of the story. Our workforce is made up of experienced craftsmen who constantly strive to be the best at their trade.


As it was in 1957, our primary consideration is to meet our customers' machining and fabrication requirements as completely as possible. We also offer 24-hour machining and fabrication services.


Over the years we've met the needs and challenges of scores of companies, many of them industrial giants. ExxonMobil, Dow/Union Carbide, KBR, BP/Amoco, Equistar, Fluor Daniel, E.I. DuPont, Chevron, GE Energy, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Valero make up a small part of our client list, a list built over the years by trust, skill and the ability to deliver - whatever the challenge.


A&A is the most responsive, highly-regarded fabrication and machine shop in the Gulf Coast Area.



Fred D. Heinemann


Managing Partner - Owner

Since: 1957

Prior to co-founding A&A in 1957, Fred had been employed for several years as a machinist with Union Carbide - Texas City, Texas. Having acquired many years of experience and knowledge in the petrochemical industry, Fred continues to play an active role in the company's growth.



Charles L. Hutchins


Managing Partner - Owner

Since: 1962

Before joining A&A Machine as shop foreman in 1962, Charles served his apprenticeship under Mr. Heinemann at Union Carbide in Texas City, Texas. In 1970, Charles became a stockholder in the company. Now, as Managing Partner and Owner of A&A , Charles continues to lead the A&A team in every major phase of its business development.


































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