CNC Machining, Milling in the greater Houston Area

A & A Machine & Fabrication LLC specializes in precision machining in a wide variety of materials including mild steel, alloy steels, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, monel, inconel, and hastelloy.


A & A Machine & Fabrication LLC's range of products include high pressure tubing, seal rings and fittings, valve bodies, valve plugs, pump shafts, lube oil console fittings, flanges, packing glands, bolts, studs, sleeves, cylinders, liners, and components for check valves, pelletizers, and compressors.

In addition to traditional CNC machining, A&A can also provide small hole EDM CNC machine work. Small Hole EDM services include:

  • Working with any metallic material... even Carbide
  • Straight holes from .008 to .125 diameters with a maximum depth of 12"
  • Precisely located holes with our CNC state of the art equipment
  • High speed operations saving you time and money
  • Blind holes to precise depths
  • Using safe, non-polluting non-contaminating deionized water
Cnc Lathe milling — Fabrication in Galveston, Tx
Metalworking drilling process — Fabrication in Galveston, Tx


We employ multiple CNC turning lathes including high-performance Haas CNC Lathes. Our facing and boring capabilities are unrivaled, and tolerance work is our specialty. Multiple CNC lathes have C-axis milling capability. Our newest Haas Lathe has a 7” hollow spindle and a 32” max diameter turning capacity.

The biggest and best of petrochemical and oil refineries call on A&A's CNC turning shop to produce various parts and equipment, including:
    • Pump shafts
    • Pump Sleeves
    • Couplings
    • Collars
    • Valve plugs
    • Valve stems
    • High pressure tube threading
    • Seal rings
    • Packing glands
    • Flanges
    • Bolts
    • Studs


    A & A Machine & Fabrication LLC utilizes multi-axis high-speed horizontal machining centers to deliver quality parts to you. We produce the most technologically advanced and formidable CNC milled products on the market including:
    • Flanges
    • Cylinder liners
    • Metering plates
    • Pump housings and plates
    • Sleeves and couplings
    • Valve bodies, valve plugs, and stems
    Cnc turning — Fabrication in Galveston, Tx
    CNC work — Fabrication in Galveston, Tx